3 Free Tools to Comprehensively Test Page Speed

Published by Nikulsan | SEO
August 9, 2018.
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Faster pages make for faster sites, driving more visits and conversions arising from improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your site would enjoy more traffic, sales,andsign-ups due to animproved page speed. Now, what freetools can youuse to test and optimize your page speed?

I've compiled a list of three tools to comprehensively test your page speed and helpyouimprovethereal-worldspeedofyoursite.

Here we go.
1. Google PageSpeed Insights.
This page speed optimization tool analysesa webpage content and utilisesGoogle information to test for all current optimization opportunities andoptimization factors already in use by your webpage.
According to Google, PageSpeed Insights tests if a page can improve its speed performance in:
• Time to above-the-fold load.
• Time to full page load.

2. Pingdom
Pingdom tests the speed of your website delivery. It gives you a result with detailed breakdowns of your website components and the total load time, as compared to other sites and physical file size.
The Pingdom tool gives you a performance grade, thereby providing you with a more comprehensive page speed test.

3. Google Mobile Test
Google Mobile Test is used to optimize and combatyour mobile webpagespeed, especially if mobile users make up for most of your audience.Google Mobile Testprovides a summary and report of your webpage speed performance on 3G network as compared with others in your industrywhileprovidingoptimization suggestions too.
Bylookingattheoutputofthesethreetools,youcangetamorewell-roundedunderstandingofhowyoursiteperformsandwhatyoucandotoincrease your page speed.