Algorithms of YouTube and Google video ranking differs

Published by Nikulsan | SEO
August 27, 2018.
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Ranking well in YouTube search and doing the same in Google video carousels have a bit of similarity according to a new report..

There’s no guarantee that a well ranking YouTube search will also rank good in the google search video carousel according to the new report of rank ranger. Same as the good ranking google search doesn’t rank well in Youtube search is not guaranteed.

By the report we can get a clarity that the YouTube search ranking algorithm and Google search algorithm for videos in the video carousels is different from the each other.

Within Google searchsix cards in each carousel is been compared to the URL’s rank in YouTube search results, and the case has 155 such video carousel keywords which is compared to the cards.

Google desktop video carousel : average YouTube rank

Card #1 14.14193548
Card #2 27.58064516
Card #3 32.97419355
Card #4 37.4516129
Card #5 54
Card #6 54.58709677

Even if the video carousels are gruped to 3 the first three videos are shown first, and then the next 3, but the chances of our video ranking well and showing in the first in YouTube search was not high.

The below data shows the percentage of times each Google video carousel card ranks within the certain ranges of position in YouTube:

Video carousel YouTube rank by range (%)

Card Position1-3 position4-10
1 51% 25%
2 36% 25%
3 25% 28%
4 21% 24%
5 11% 14%
6 9% 22%

This confirms that the YouTube and Google search are handled separately and well-ranked video on YouTube might not result well in the Google search of video carousel.