AMP: Moving Google-driven initiative domination to Democratic model

Published by Nikulsan | SEO
September 24, 2018.
AMP: Moving Google-driven initiative domination to Democratic model

Google shortly made the announcement in advance of AMP Contributor Summit that AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) project is moving to an “open governance model”. The company proposed a review and comment period for the proposal before 25th October and will implement new model thereafter.

What cause Google to take this Action? When the AMP project began in February 2016, the open-source was a Google-driven initiative but despite it being open-source Company has dominated the execution and framing of this project and publishers have felt pressured to adopt the dictate despite shortcomings.

As of now, nearly 80 percent of contributions come from the AMP community which constitutes 78 percent of contributors from other companies including Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo, and eBay. Google now understands this pressure and making an effort to address these critics and also ready to change the decision making process from one man (Single Tech lead) to the Technical Steering Committee.


1. The committee will have representatives from a range of companies, and no company will have more than one-third of the seats.
2. An advisory committee made of various industry representatives will advise the TSC, Industry representatives include Washington Post, El Pais, eBay, AliExpress, Automattic, Cloudflare, and others.
3. Working Groups with a clear mechanism and ownership over certain aspects such as Documentation, UI and infrastructure will replace teams and well defined the decision-making process. Google is creating a separate foundation to control AMP and also inviting interested parties to apply to be part of TSC. This more democratic model will likely benefit all contributors, as they gain more of a say in its direction.