API v4.2 of Google My Business has been released

Published by Nikulsan | SEO
August 31, 2018.
API v4.2 of Google My Business has been released

New options within the Google My Business API embody verification choices, new location finish points, swollen search, chain membership and products posts. Google declared the discharge of version four.2 of the Google My Business API, the way for developers to quickly build modifications to Google My Business listings programmatically. The API are often accessed here however isn't hospitable all. You wish to request and be granted access to the current API so as to use it.

The new options include:


Third-party platforms integrated with Google My Business will currently provide their merchants the power to verify their Google My Business listing directly on their native platform. This includes pull the list of verification choices offered for a list, triggering Google My Business verification like causation a mailing-card, obtaining a telephone call, and submitting a PIN code for verification. Third party platforms can currently be ready to totally aboard and verify merchants directly on their platform rather than interrupting their advancement and forcing merchants to Google My Business.

Google Locations

API users square measure currently ready to higher determine if a list already exists on Google My Business and whether or not that listing is already claimed thanks to the new Google Locations termination. once the listing is already claimed, partners will offer the bourgeois with a link to request access to the claimed location.


Version 4.2 of the Google My Business API includes swollen search practicality of the prevailing Locations. List filters, permitting API users to higher rummage around for listings in their account supported full or partial match of a lot of location fields.

Chain membership

This version of the Google My Business API provides a brand new termination to look for chains by full or partial name, and to associate a selected location thereupon chain.

Product posts

Google My Business API users will currently produce a brand new variety of post: product posts! These new posts highlight a business’s product offerings that conjointly show within the “Products” tab on the business listing.