Benefits and Risks of Twitter’s #280

Published by Nikulsan | Digital Media Campaign
November 29, 2017.

Unlike some languages that require few words, English and Spanish requires more words to convey the same message. Twitter’s recent doubling of character limit to 280 has generated much buzz and excitement for brands and businesses.

The new character limit opens door for brands, businesses and individuals for more in depth communication. But apart from benefits, there are some precautions that marketers need to take into consideration.

Here are some benefits and risks of the new opportunity :


More Content
This is the probably the most beneficial aspect of the update. Many social media marketers find it extremely challenging to limit characters to 140. We can expect more engaging content and expressive posts from users in the days to come.

More Accessibility
According to a Forbes article, Twitter is used by more than 80% of the 193 UN member countries. The increased character limit can greatly widen audience reach. Besides, your SEO and ORM content can also be greatly capitalized from this shift, since the reach is more than even the most popular blog sites.

More Users
The third quarter of 2017 has already witnessed more than 330 million monthly active Twitter users. The change is expected to further increase users. This means marketers now have a higher chance of users viewing their content.


More Users
As much as it is beneficial, it is also a risk. More people doesn’t necessarily mean more engagement. A platform overloaded with content has high possibility that users will overlook your content.

More Expense
More character demands for more time and effort. If you want to maintain the quality as it is with 140 without compromising on quantity, you will definitely require more talent to enable you to do so. This means you may have to increase your marketing budget.

More Ad Space
Although having more Ad space is what every marketer seeks, the increased space can result in long and boring tweets. Majority of today’s world population have an attention span of less than 10 seconds. Longer tweets may result in a rather negative result.

It is inevitable that users are going to capitalize on the new update. As marketers we need to be prepared with a fresh content strategy and focus on striking the right balance between long boring content and maximizing ad space.