How to know if Google finds our content not that important?

Published by Nikulsan | SEO
August 20, 2018.
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If old content that you removed from your site is still showing up in Google search results then Google might consider that content as not important.
We can use Google crawl rate as confirmation to remove anypage from your website, and their index.

Many would have been in a position where a page would have been removed from our site by us but not by Google in the search results for a very long time. If that’s the case then Google didn’t crawl that page because it might have found the page, not as that important.

Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller wrote on Twitter that if Google didn’t remove that content, it is possible If Google doesn’t crawl any page that we removed, then Google won’t remove that immediately until it crawls. If that is the case, then usually that’s when crawler think that they were not that important. By this, it will be ok to remove that content from our site.
To be short, If Google didn’t remove the page from their index that you deleted from our website then it’s a sign that Google thinks the page as not important one.

What Crawl Budget Means for Googlebot was documented back in January 2017 by Google. As Crawler keeps more popular URLs on the Internet as fresher in our index by crawling them more often.

Google also wrote that an increase in crawl rate will not lead to better positions in Search results. Many hundreds of signals are used to rank better in search results by Google, but not crawling often as one of them. But crawling is necessary for being in the results.