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August 17, 2018.
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Google confirms new markup from including How-To, QA and FAQ Pages for search results snippets. Search snippets: the way the search results appear to searchers

This new feature can be used to potentially show our content in Google’s search results in a brand-new way. A couple of weeks ago Google previewed this feature in Singapore.
Google has confirmed that this new form of search results snippets testing had been done for the past several months. FAQ (frequently asked questions), Q&A(questions & answers) and How-To are the new forms of the search snippets appearance.
This feature was notified on Twitter by Akhil Agarwal.

Words of a Google Spokesperson:
Providing useful results and most relevant results for our users is our vision. We’ve recently introduced new ways by which users’ identify the source which has the information they are looking for. Similar previews for FAQ and How-to content is the experiment we’re currently working on with our partners’.
Insights into the web page of searchers’ search result for before deciding to click on it is the new snippets feature. Search results should be eligible to have question-and-answer previews shown by marking up the content with structured data is to be done by Webmasters’. Similarly as supporting metadata around and the Top Answer feature and the number of upvotes works.

Allowing publishers and webmasters to participate in the FAQ and How-to formats in an interest forms are to be opened up by Google very soon.
Advice: consider adding the appropriate markup to the sections of your HTML
But if you review the website, we can find a lot on FAQ markup, How-To mark up, and QA page markup by reviewing website.