Upgrade in Google Search Console Index Coverage Report

Published by Nikulsan | SEO
August 16, 2018.
Google Search Console

Do not get confused with the Google Core Search algorithm update and the update in Google Search Console.

When we access the new Google Search Console report, particularly the Index Coverage report, we will see a note that is “Google Search Update”. The note is not about Google Core Search Algorithm update that rolled out last week, it is about the updated version of Google Search Console’s reporting system. Google has noted that it updated the Index Coverage report with a new, “more accurate system”.

There will be some sort of confusion among the SEO’s, the publishers, the webmasters and the site owners about the term “Google Search Update” on the screen in the Google Search Console. This is a reporting update to the Google Search Console’s Index Coverage report but not about the Google Core search algorithm update.

The system upgrade started on July 14 and completed on August 1 2018. In between July 14 and August 1 Google was unable to record the index coverage data. Google said the data in the Index Coverage report between July 14 and August 1 is estimated from the known “August 1 values.”

Because of this upgrade on Google Search Console we can notice changes in our reported index coverage. There won’t be any changes in our site due to the update, but a more accurate accounting system.

Regarding the data in that duration the advice would be to ignore the data between July 14 and August 1, 2018. Now we might see some changes in the reporting, before and after the upgrade because of how the Google now measures and reports on the indexed URLs within Google Search Console. Again, this update has nothing to do with the Google search update.