AMP Stories v1.0 is released with new added features by Google.

Published by Nikulsan | SEO
August 24, 2018.
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All developers can avail the AMP stories v1.0

AMP stories is introduced to publishers in February. Several updates to AMP Stories has been announced by the team AMP, like monetization capabilities. No more waiting is needed as all developers can avail AMP stories now.

AMP stories are layers of elements such as text media, text and morewith AMP and HTML combined. AMP stories provide rich media storytelling options designed especially for the mobile web as if in the veins of Snapchat and Instagram stories.AMP stories can also be used in desktop.

Google AD Manager is the new BETA version that is going to be out for double-click publishers very soon which is used to serve ads within AMP stories. By registering into Github Publishers can let the AMP team that they are interested in AMP stories. We will notice “Shop Now” call-to-action button in the ad it’s the Fodder for them, as the Google touts AMP as open source by opening BETA to users’ of its own ad serving tech.Its pushing AMP to be mobile web standard but not subtly owning.

To show previews of stories new metadata attributes are used across the AMP Stories ecosystem, such as preview links in the last page of the related stories. Optional metadata attributes’list can be found here. Additional to this, Portrait, Landscape, call-to-action and text box oriented cards are included making it possible to new bookend capabilities.

Release of AMP Stories v1.0 is announced by Jon Newmuis the Lead Engineer of Google AMP stories.And said that since February, thousands of AMP stories have been created by publishers. Additional clickable elements, paywalls, and responsive scaling will be the future development in AMP stories. On Github mock-up of how paywall function has been posted by Newmuis. AMP-enabled pages already supports Paywall and subscription functionality.