Google search adds dataset support to search results.

Published by Nikulsan | SEO
August 14, 2018.
Artificial Intelligence

Grab your chance to both pretty-looking data and charts on Google Search results. Google now supports datasets markup schema in Google search results. What does this mean? Searchers can now better visualize webpage data directly in Google Search results.Google breaks this further by saying that adding structured data to tabular data publishing by news organizations makes the page datasets easier to identify in relevant Search features, as news organizations add such structured data to their page HTML, making tabular presentation tailored by them to their readers' tastes. Here's a comparison with the markup version on the right:

A Google developer paraphrases this markup "pilot" release this way:
"Datasets are easily found when supporting information like name, description, creator and distribution formats are provided as structured data. Google makes use of metadata standards like, adding them to datasets description pages. This markup improves datasets discovery from life sciences, social sciences, machine learning, civic and government data, and others."

Science datasets was first announced by Google in Search two years back. Now, Google simply calls them "Dataset", expanding datasets reach beyond the science community to be embraced by any data-driven agency.

Looking for examples of what can be called a dataset? Here are some to guide you.
. A table or a CSV file filled with structured data.
. A table organized in collections.
. A file lined in a proprietary format filled with data content.
. A collection of files that, when combined, takes the shape of some meaningful datasets.
. A different data format structured in a way that lets you load data into a special processing tool.
. Any visual image that captures data.
. Machine learning-related files focused on datasets such as trained parameters or neural network structure definitions.
. Anything that looks like, or resembles, a dataset to you.