Google Search Algorithm Update still in session

Published by Nikulsan | SEO
August 8, 2018.
Artificial Intelligence

Google has confirmed that a huge algorithm update for search results is hitting us. It was discovered that the update is still in session. Google releases updates several times a year, and this August update guidance is not different from the previous ones this year.

Quality of search options for users is a major concern for a company like google, hence the reason for the update. The algorithm update will, according to google, improve the quality of search results. It is indeed a significant update in a world where time optimization is crucial.

It is important to note that website owners and managers need not make any technical change whatsoever to their sites. Alas, sites that were once undervalued will now rise in their values as the update will handle the undervaluing. While sites that were once undervalued are now ranked the way they should be, it is only natural that overvalued pages or contents on websites be devalued.

As with any update, some websites will notice drops or gain and that is a confirmation that the update has taken effect. Google claim that there is nothing webmasters can do other than focus on building great contents for their web pages. With focus and persistence, google may recognize the improvements and rankings may be altered.

With google unrelenting in their bid to better the experience of users with the search engine, in a few more days, we can be sure that the update will have taken full effect.