Important SEO points that must be covered in content campaign

Published by Nikulsan | SEO
August 22, 2018.
Projecting SEO traffic levels by avoiding the answer “It depends”

Paying attention on covering SEO points which leads to more traffic, engagement and value to business, for 15 – 20 minutes is the is the correct execution of link building campaign.
List of key items and brief on them is given below

Page titles

If a full page makeover is done with custom HTML then page title needs to be done manually, since we’re not using a template. And this is a basic One.

Meta description

Writing a clear accurate and enticing meta description helps to increase Click Through Rate and used by social platforms which reflects our content page. But in the case of ranking, this won’t have impact as Page title.

Images and text

Infographics is an example of an image with text on it. At least a small amount of text is unavoidable when it comes to Infographics,
We have to consider a standard HTML page that supports images and icons instead of one long graphic, if we’re creating a static graphic that contains lots of text in it. A long-form content page is good for rankings and traffic generation.

Internal links

Another important one that should be taken into consideration. Two types of internal links are there when it comes to On-page optimization.
Links to key pages. Assuming your content-led link building is successful, we have to secure links to content on our site if the content link building is successful. We have to take the opportunity to filter link equity to key pages.
Links from key pages. For the pages that do not perform wellwith the content or may not be part of the main navigation, links from key pages of our site can help.

Canonical tags

If we’re using any kind of custom template then having canonical tags used correctly and pointing correct URL. There won’t be any problem regarding this if we’re using good content management system that is set up correctly.

Dataset Schema

We have to consider implementing the appropriate Schema mark-up if we’re having a content piece of some data kind to present. We may also have a benefit of rich snippets in Google if search engines can understand our page’s context and our pages are trusted enough.


To avoid slowing down our pages and adding a lot of image bloat to a page when launching content led link building. We must use strong visual elements like images and custom icons. They must be optimized correctly.

Tracking and measurementa

Tracking and measuring the success of your content piece is must.We have a few options to do thislike basic tracking, integration with other channels, which wemusttake advantage of if we can.
Google analytics is a classic and the one many miss. We can measure inbound links, traffic, engagement or even leads.
Remarketing tags are used if we’re running any paid search or social campaigns. Remarketing code should be there to allow us to put our content visitors in to the list to target in the future.


Open Graph tags. We can generate more traffic, and shares than existing one by customizing Images, title and description for social. Our content becomes popular if it is shared a lot.