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October 3, 2018.
AMP: Moving Google-driven initiative domination to Democratic model

Mobile-first indexing: It means that Google will use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking, to better help their –primary mobile– users find what they are looking for. Leaving aside the traditional approach of crawling, indexing and ranking system of the desktop version of a page’s content they are focusing on crawl the web as a Smartphone browser.

Google begins sending notices around mobile-first indexing being enabled for websites to a number of webmasters and to clear some confusion within the industry has clarified some doubts on:

1. URLs in search
2. Crawling changes
3. Cache bug
4. Speed updates (Unrelated)
5. Mobile website UIs
6. Embrace mobile
7. Ranking Boost
8. Documentation

URLs in search: Will show the mobile URL to mobile users and the desktop URL to desktop users. However, indexed content will be the mobile version in both cases.

Crawling changes: The total number of crawled URLs/day generally won’t change. With this change, Google may temporarily crawl more when re-indexes everything from your website.

Cache page: Google cache link sometimes may not return anything and may show 404 errors or a blank page. This is a bug, not by design, and get resolved over time.

Mobile speed update: Websites upload should take 3s to be awesome for users, but the speed update is not directly related to mobile-first indexing.

Mobile Website UIs: Methods to make content less in the Smartphone user interface and using “Hamburger-menus” and “accordions” on mobile websites are perfectly fine.

Embrace Mobile: Time to move from the desktop –only. Your website does not need to be mobile- friendly or responsive layout to be part of mobile-first indexing.

Ranking Boost: Except content being used the mobile-first index doesn’t change anything much.

Documentation: For more quarries about mobile-first indexing and its role in Google search console users can hit the sites below:

More on Ranking: Little changes between desktop and mobile version or if you have desktop-only version need not worry, but if your site’s content is vastly different on desktop versus mobile than it can impact your ranking.