Projecting SEO traffic levels by avoiding the answer “It depends”

Published by Nikulsan | SEO
August 21, 2018.
Projecting SEO traffic levels by avoiding the answer “It depends”

To be alert when incoming traffic change and to forecast traffic trends we have to understand historical trends. Steps to predict changes to your site and incoming traffic are
1. Baselining
2. Seasonality
3. Annual Trending
4. Upcoming projects
5.Search Engine Algorithm Updates
6.Competitive Changes
8.Expect Change

“It depends” is the most used answer by any employee to their boss and it is the same answer that higher management
As any SEO knows, we can’t predict with any accuracy what a change will do to your traffic.Since there are due to a various number of external factors that influence traffic to our site, you have no control over.
But bytaking those external factors into account we can address incoming traffic.

Let’s have a look at what will and what won’t impact incoming traffic to our site in detail below.

. Baselining By establishing a baseline we have to know how much traffic we’re getting and from where. We must have a dashboard that’s shared by all and make sure that everyone is using in the same manner and looking in the same data.
. Seasonality Now, we need to have a look at the impact of the season that has on our traffic. We must note the consistency that our products or services maintain, monthly wise for at least 3 years.
. Annual trending Here weshould collect the annual growth rate report of traffic p our site. The growth percentage of our traffic every year should be the base line growth. If our percentage of growth is 5 percent per year, then that’s what you should most likely to be as our baseline growth. Now our projects’ history is to be recollected to get an idea of the impact that is above and beyond the baseline growth.
Now we have percentages based on both annual and seasonal growth. They are the numbers we should work to hit unless we have a major project come along.
. Upcoming projects If we have projects in our pockets and some we want to executethen take them into account when forecasting traffic. We should have an idea on the duration that would take to generate traffic once a project was executed and what the growth pattern should look like.The two scenarios give us a range to project traffic numbers are the best-case and expected scenario.
Having an idea of the project to do by collecting details from the past projects which brought in more traffic is the main point in project traffic forecasting.
. Search engine algorithm updates Search engines change their algorithms accordingly to give the best experience to their users’. These changes may negatively impact your traffic. If we doanything against the webmaster guidelines it will negatively affect our traffic for sure.So we have to follow few steps to not get impacted negatively, like having user-friendly site, page speed, mobile-optimized site and
. Competitive changes This is a primary reason why an SEO can never be same is our competitors can modify their sites and content any time by copying our SEO efforts by optimizing for the same keywords which will have a negative effect on our traffic. We must be proactive most of the time.
. Mistakes Proactively monitoring all elements of a site is very important. Because everyone does mistakes, but the mistake which is done on quality assurance will result ina potential drop in traffic.
. Expect change By understanding past traffic trends and establishing a baseline will give you an idea of what to expect and alert you when traffic levels fall.