Trends That Will Affect Your SEO In 2018

Published by Nikulsan | SEO
January 08, 2018.

As the new year dawns, it is time to revisit your existing SEO strategies to keep up with the SEO game. Each year Google updates their algorithms around 500-600 times. This very fact makes it imperative to anticipate that SEO will take new directions this year too and few of the working tactic of search marketers will change. Let’s take a sneak peek at what SEO trends and techniques hold for us in 2018 :

1. Video Search Will Improve Drastically
Video content is not to be taken lightly this year as the internet is crazy about them. 43% of users want more of video content and by 2020’s it is expected to take-up 80% of all online traffic. If you are still not using YouTube and other video platforms to attract your visitors, then start doing it right now. So that when 2020’s hit you will be riding that enormous traffic tide!

And since video content is so popular, you might want to include relevant videos on your website too. So that visitors spend more of time online and it would give another reason to Google to rank your website higher.

2. User Experience Will Be Given A Significant Weightage
As always, Google will give weightage to those websites which provide rich engaging content. Use Google Analytics to keep an eye on the incoming traffic, user behavior, bounce rates etc. UX can be improved by taking care of the loading speed, using user-friendly design and of course with the best content.

3. SEO-Friendly Content Will Still Remain Prevalent
Content will continue to be one of the deciding factors to rank your website. Your content should be SEO friendly, which means placing keywords in all the right places :

• Title Tag
• Meta description tag
• H1-H4 tags
• Image name and alt tags
• Text

The best way to stay ahead of your competitors is to help your visitors through your website better than your competitors.

4. PPC In Addition To SEO
PPC ads and featured snippets are stealing the attention from organic results.

Look at the above page, so conveniently packed with ads. Hopefully, their number isn’t growing further in 2018 as the space above the fold isn’t growing any further.

When such PPC ads overshadow the organic results, you can try two solutions: either try to rank for different keywords or just embrace PPC!

5. Hyperlocal Results Will Take Off Finally
“Hyperlocal” is presenting search results based on the physical proximity of the user (down to less than a block radius). With an increase in mobile usage, AR and VR, there would be a need to target hyperlocal keywords and optimize for even more relevant appearances.

6. Fast And Responsive Mobile Friendly Sites
Mobile devices will reign from now on! Though large screens would remain, small screens would be driving more traffic than they already are.

With such variety of sizes available for the small screen, it is necessary to make your website look good in every kind of sizes. Also take into account, the mobile-first index. It is going to play a vital role in ranking websites. Also, ensure that your site loads as fast as possible.

7. Voice Search And Digital Assistants Will Get Popular
Voice Search and Digital Assistants will receive greater prominence this year. With their improved accuracy and availability of platform’s like Siri, Google Now, Alexa, Cortana etc., users are increasing their interactivity with search engine results with their voice and ears.

Optimization for voice search may require getting used to, as it is quite different than typing in a query. Using conversational long-tail keywords may boost voice search results as most people search by speaking in a natural fashion, using search terms often in the form of questions: Who? Where? What? When?

8. Earning User’s Trust Through Brand Building
Brand building would indefinitely remain an essential component of Long-term SEO strategy. Effort should be given to boosting your online- reputation if you intend to keep your website around for a long time. Use effective SEO tools/ Digital marketing agency to ensure that negative comments are not pulling your ranking down.

The more people know about your good things, the more they will search for you, the more they will say about you, the better for your business. Focus on brand building and earn their trust.

Though 2018 doesn’t seem to be a drastic year for SEO, however, these small but vital changes can shake up the SEO game.